easy-to-make truffle party favors

I love to host parties and events for friends and family. Whether it is a birthday party for a friend, a baby shower or a wedding shower, it is so much fun to brainstorm games, food, and decorations to honor the special day.

In particular, I enjoy finding ways to integrate cooking and baking into event planning. For an upcoming birthday brunch for some special friends, I decided to make homemade chocolate truffles and to serve them in individual plastic bags with ribbon as party favors. You can make homemade truffles, spiced nuts, or even granola - all of which are easy to package and transport to an event. Your guests will appreciate the homemade touch and the delicious treats when they get home!

The chocolate truffles I chose to make are based on the Brigadeiro, the classic and very popular Brazilian candy made from chocolate, butter, and condensed milk. You could mix up this recipe by adding Grand Marnier or Chambord to the chocolate mix while cooking (for a tasty adult treat!), or you could add cinnamon or chile powder to the powdered sugar coating for some extra flavor and kick.