beyond my kitchen: home meal delivery

Today is the due date of one of my dearest friends, who will be having her first baby at some point in the next few days. I was thrilled when she asked if I would provide some food for her family during the first couple weeks of motherhood. This request immediately thrust me into planning mode: I pulled out my cookbooks, reviewed my favorite food blogs, and carefully considered all of the vegetables from the week's farm share delivery. It was a joyous task - to creatively conceive of a menu that could be at once healthy, wholesome, and in the case of this couple, primarily vegetarian and light on dairy. I have always thought that I would enjoy catering, and to start on a small scale with friends was a treat.

I also took the opportunity to look online at whether this model of food delivery for new moms is in fact "a thing." There are many food delivery services now, including Blue Apron, which provides prepackaged ingredients to home cooks to put together in their own home. However most of these businesses do not cater to new families. Freshology is one of the few examples I found; it offers a "New Mom Nutrition" program for 2, 3, and 4-week periods and provides sample menus and pricing at around $50 per day. For new moms, there is so little time to do anything other than support your new baby, so food delivery that includes multiple nutritious meals and snacks could be an invaluable service.

I am hoping to continue to trial this home delivery concept with local friends and family, and have stocked up on Tupperware and labels in preparation. Who knows - it could be a fun introduction to a new side business beyond my kitchen. For now, check out a few of the new recipes featured in this delivery package, including almond-coconut granola and peanut butter chocolate "puppy chow."