the most important meal of the day

Breakfast, of course. The most important meal of the day. The meal that gets you out of bed in the morning. I will admit to having a fairly boring breakfast routine during the work week; often it involves a giant mug of coffee, a granola bar on the go, and a piece of fruit that I consume in my car. But the weekend is prime time for decadent egg-based breakfast recipes.

Since planting a pot of fresh herbs on our roof deck, I have enjoyed incorporating fresh sage, parsley, thyme, and rosemary into recent recipes. Fresh herbs, as featured in a previous blog post, really pump up the flavor and color of a dish. Eggs are a truly versatile and perfect ingredient; inexpensive, full of protein, and easy to cook, it is no wonder that they are featured on every breakfast and brunch menu around the world. In many American restaurants, you are bound to find an "egg sandwich" dish of some sort. My husband's personal favorite is a good, greasy bacon, egg, and cheese. In this baked ricotta egg dish, I top a fresh biscuit with baked eggs, fresh parsley, and chili sauce for some extra kick.

If you are having people over for a weekend brunch or holiday cookout, you also can expand a good egg recipe for a crowd. With a good pie crust, a dozen eggs, and your favorite cheese and herbs, you have yourself an easy brunch party snack. These egg cups feature smoked bacon and zucchini, as well as fresh chives for extra color and onion-like aroma. As summer approaches and long weekends are upon us (think Memorial Day, July 4th), start your day off right with these delicious and easy breakfast dishes.